About Windermere Arts

Windermere Arts fosters an environment to promote the fine arts and performing arts, bringing diverse artists and the public together to experience creativity, inspiration and enjoyment. Windermere Arts promotes collaboration with organizations, schools and the community to encourage the creation, appreciation and understanding of the arts, and harness the economic vitality of the arts.

Windermere Arts is the organizing umbrella of the Windermere Fine Art Show and the new Art, Wine & Music Stroll events.

The first event, Windermere Art Affair, made its debut in 2015. Its success led to the increase of the event to two days in 2017. In 2019 the event expanded to the Main Street sidewalks and was re-named the Windermere Fine Arts Show. Proceeds from the event have benefited the Town of Windermere, as well as area schools and organizations, such as the Windermere Elementary School’s Art Department, Olympia High School’s Art Department, Gotha Middle School, City Arts Factory, The Russell Home and New Hope for Kids.

Windermere Arts, and its events Windermere Fine Art Show and Art, Wine & Music Stroll, are independent from the Town of Windermere.

Anne Scharer

Anne has been instrumental to the success of the art events in Windermere since 2015, hosting the events since their inception.  She is also the owner of Tranquiliti Wellness Center which opened on Main Street in 2008. While serving on the downtown business committee, the Town of Windermere invited Anne to organize an art show that would help support local businesses and bring the surrounding communities together through the arts. The Windermere Fine Art Show now showcases over 100 artists from around the country each year to sell their incredible art. Anne’s vision was to promote young adults and adults through performing arts and various mediums of art. Join us today in supporting the arts in our community.